Welcome to LITO Private Hospital,

LITO Private Hospital is a modern, high standard medical facility, located in Paralimni, Cyprus. It was established in 1988, as a result of the non-existence of sufficient medical services in the free Famagusta area. It is licensed by the Health Ministry of Cyprus to operate as a private hospital. Five of the doctors are house and casualty officers.

 The current capacity of our hospital is 46 beds in single and double rooms, as well as 4 beds for intensive care.  The rooms are equipped with direct dial telephone, TV, air-conditioner, central heating, WC and shower.  Rooms are divided in 2 wards, surgical and medical.  Special pediatric sector is also available, as well as a single room licensed to be used for mild psychiatric patients.  A specially equipped neonate room is also available.  The hospital has 3 operating theatres, the one being used exclusively for aseptic cases, delivery room, endoscopies room and sterilization facilities.  A recovery room is attached to the theatres.