RadiologyDemokritos Diagnostic Radiology Center provides up to date diagnostic facilities, which includes mammography, ultrasound, x-rays and a spiral CT scan. The center is run by Dr. Maria Andronikou Zouvani, who received her medical degree from the university of the Witwatersrand in South Africa in 1990, and then completed her specialty in radiology at the same University in 1996.

The department has trained radiographers who take the x-rays and Dr. Maria Andronikou Zouvani interprets and reports the x-rays, mammograms and CT scans. She also performs various ultrasound examinations, including Doppler examinations, neonatal cranial and hip examinations for which she has the approval of the Fetal Medicine Foundation in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Maria Andronikou Zouvani also performs minor invasive procedures under ultrasound guidance, including fine needle aspirations and drainages.